Kona Dropout CC

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Kona Dropout CC

Dropout Compatibility:
  • 2010 -Unit, Unit 2-9r
  • 2011 -DR. Fine, Bass, Five-O, Unit, Unit 2-9r
  • 2012 -Big Unit, DR. Fine, Honzo, Unit, Unit 2-9r
  • 2013 -Big Unit, Unit, Unit 2-9r, Honzo, Raijin
  • 2014 -Big Unit, Unit, Explosif, Honzo, Raijin
  • 2015 -Big Unit, Unit, Explosif, Honzo, Raijin, Wo, Humuhumu Deluxe, Humuhumunukunuku Apua’a
  • 2016 -Big Unit, Unit, Explosif, Honzo, Raijin, WoPrivate, Jake, Shonky, Humuhumu Deluxe, Humuhumunukunuku Apua’a
  • 2017 -Unit