Vittoria Cross XG Pro Cyclocross Tire

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Fast, flexible, and flat-free        No need for compromise in the close season: now you can run cross tires with the same outstanding performance characteristics as your summer race tires. Superfine casings give these cross tires our signature silky ride, light weight for great acceleration, great puncture resistance even at low pressures, plus a competition-derived offroad tread compound.

A new tread compound, born out of MTB World Cup experience, and self-cleaning tread pattern confer maximum traction and control in mixed or on dirt tracks.

What makes a good tire? What do riders mean by a good tire? It rolls smoothly and quickly, rides comfortably, grips and handles well, and resists punctures. Every cyclist, from élite professional to ecominded commuter, can agree on these qualities.

These qualities depend almost entirely on how well the tire’s casing is made. And the most important factor here is the quality of the fabric used to make the casing.

  • We express this as TPI – threads per inch. The greater the TPI number, the higher the quality of the tire. Why is this?      More grip: The casing is more flexible, so more of the tire’s surface is in contact with the Tarmac,giving better grip.
  • More comfort: Fabric with a higher TPI count is thinner and more flexible, so the tire’s casing conforms closer to the surface the tire is being ridden on, with less shock and smoother rolling.
  • Faster running: High TPI count means lower rolling resistance. Most of a tire’s rolling resistance is caused by the rubber deforming. Because there is less rubber, tires with a higher TPI count convert more of the rider’s energy into forward motion.


  • Clincher version of the Evo XG tubular, foldable 150 TPI casing
  • Supple, sweet-handling Clincher for any type of course
  • Run pressures as low as 2.5 bar with no risk of snakebite
  • Competition-proven tread compound and pattern
  • Specification:

    • 150 tpi
    • Usage: All conditions
    • Clincher
    • ETRTO: 32-622
    • BAR: 4/6
    • PSI: 60/90
    • 50/60/50ShA
    • Weight: 350g